New blog- who dis?

I have been blogging since 2011 and have been SO hesitant to take down my old blog because of the memories there! I have been a professional photographer since 2008 and it just seemed almost silly to take down old work, because the process has been so good to me, but here I am.. FINALLY pulling off the proverbial bandaid in the name of progress! (and getting away from trying to re-learn wordpress! lol)

Let’s start with a post about me… since it’s probably been 8 years since I did one! and BOY have things changed since then…

Let’s see… I am proudly 33. I feel like the right to grow older healthily is a privilege and I don’t want to take it for granted.

I am a momma of kindest and most family oriented 9 year old on the planet. She LOVES both sides of her blended family and it makes my heart happy to know that even though her dad and I are divorced, we are all still very much family and she benefits greatly from the relationship we have all together.

I have been dating Sean for 2 years now, and we live together in Marietta, Ohio. When we met he had two cats, and I a big chocolate lab and a puppy Goldendoodle, who is now huge also. We moved in together and now the whole gang is living under one roof, in a strange balance. The cats sometimes are caught snugging the same human a dog is… its awesome. But the cats still swat at the puppy every single day as a reminder, lol.

We just bought a new house and are currently in the limbo of getting it inspected and all the ducks in a row. Pretty exciting stuff to say the least! The new house is right downtown, which is something I never thought would happen but I LOVE!

I am a portrait and wedding photographer and have been doing it for at least a dozen years. I have never stopped, but have taken time to slow down and try other things in life. I am a enneagram 7 so I am always open to new experiences and have been a mid level with a MLM (LuLaRoe) and also worked as a medical photographer for a while taking photos of people’s retinas! I worked at Enterprise rent-a-car after a bout of depression made it hard to be self employed (anyone else been there?) I have been a waitress as a 30 year old and loved it.. I would go back anytime I needed to! Most recently, I am a one person department at the largest local credit union, where I handle their marketing and community outreach. It’s a good job and I worked out being able to work from home/anywhere which provides me the freedom I need to be happy.

I am always reinventing my focus and trying to expand my mind. In August, Sean and I are going to Vegas to network for my clothing boutique. When I was with LuLaRoe - which was totally a random God thing, because I knew nothing about selling clothing or their brand, I learned that I REALLY like having an online community, I really like the business of fashion and helping people have access to unique clothes that are not dime a dozen at the mall (we live in a small place) So I continued out on my own with WOVEN. (@shopatWOVEN) And plan to really dig in to finding the brands I will carry when I go out to this vendor conference in Vegas next month! Very excited!

Everything I do in life has three purposes, to keep us debt free (hallelujah, the only debt I have is mortgage) and accommodate the lifestyle of adventure I desire.. WHILE helping others feel seen and help them see the beauty of this life. I have a very checkered childhood and past when it comes to anxiety, depression and suicide as my mother took her life when I was 13 and I have found my "WHY” in my adult life is to help people avoid those feelings of helplessness so no one I have the power to affect tries to leave this earth voluntarily.

If you read all that, I hope you learned something you didn’t know.. there are at least 3 other things happening privately in my life right now that I didn’t mention, but soon, people, soon. ;)

Photos by the wonderful, the lovely, Shilo Alyse!

Sean Allie Ana-Sean Allie and Ana-0004.jpg
Sean Allie Ana-Sean Allie and Ana-0115.jpg