I am SO excited you have decided to shoot a boudoir session with me.  Boudoir is powerful and personal and I take it as an honor to be trusted by you. Thank you!

Yep. That's me! I found out about this lipstick at my own boudoir shoot and now it is MY color. Thanks to Kara Trombetta for the image.

Yep. That's me! I found out about this lipstick at my own boudoir shoot and now it is MY color. Thanks to Kara Trombetta for the image.



I shoot boudoir in my Marietta studio! 200 Putnam Street - Dime Bank Suite 710

We ALL have our things we don't like, but for this experience we aren't worried about those things. Maintain a positive vibe throughout and be gentle with yourself. Anything negative is counterproductive. Love yourself. 

I believe that boudoir must never be solely for someone else. What other think of us, and of the images, pales in comparison to how we see ourselves. I urge my clients to allow the motivation to do a shoot to come from within, and to shoot purely for themselves. If someone else in our lives loves the photographs, then that should be a bonus! But we should never give anyone else the power to alter how WE feel about ourselves both in photographs and in life. If the success of your shoot is gauged by the opinion of a third party, you risk more than just liking your images. Nuff said. 



-Lingerie that YOU feel good in is always the best choice. If you don't love it on your body, you won't love in on film.

-Structured pieces and solids look great on camera. Also lingerie or clothing with texture are fantastic.

-Support rules. If you are blessed in the breast department, support is your friend. Nothing can change the world like a great bra. Just sayin'

-Loose fitting lingerie is not as flattering as a structured or well-fitting piece.

-Bring several outfits and accessories picked out and we can go through them together before your shoot to determine what will photograph best.  We will typically have time for 2-3 different "looks" in a one hour session.  Your session may have a pre-determined limit, but you can bring extras if you need guidance or can’t decide.

-Try to have one bra and panty set, not four that are similar. Bring as much variety as you can.  Something formal, something casual, something super textured and fun, to something black and sleek...you get the idea.

-Make sure your wardrobe selections aren't wrinkled.  



 -Drink water, sleep well, moisturize (face and body). Rules of life. 

-Exfoliate your lips- dry lips are very hard to fix later on so several times before your photoshoot, use your toothbrush while brushing your teeth to brush and exfoliate your lips. This will help shed dead skin. After that, apply a moisturizing lip balm...repeat repeat repeat. You can also use sugar mixed with coconut or olive oil to create a scrub. Keep gloss or balm on your lips also to help keep the dryness from coming back.

-Two words - Mani/Pedi. Never a bad idea anyway, and for this shoot, these details can really count.

-Have extra wardrobe options! Have at least 4-5 different outfits pulled, several pairs of shoes, and accessories handy.  We won't use it all, but it's best to have options. Some things will photograph better than others. Re-read through the wardrobe section above for more tips. 

-Be ready early. Rushing sucks and is stressful. This is supposed to be fun and relaxing! =) 

-Take off your undergarments and wear a robe while getting your makeup and hair done. This avoids lines from tight bras or panties.

-Don't be afraid to try some looks in the mirror!  Don't overdo it though. Lip-biting can only be pulled off by a select few. LOL.  Also move your body into different poses in the mirror just to learn a little bit more about movement and what it feels like to elongate, stick your chest out, etc. The more aware you are about your postures and poses, the easier it will be to flow through your session without feeling insecure about the pose I put you in.

-Trust me. You might be nervous, but I am not. I am here to help and guide without judgment so let go of your worries and let's do this! 



*No spray tans before your shoot! Too unpredictable and orange in camera is no good.

*No hangovers. Obviously, I can't photoshop that.

*No red wine or staining beverages the day of the shoot. Bring champagne or white wine if you want to have a drink while you get prepped but the same rule applies with hangovers, drunk eyes are usually not as open as you think. and squinty boudoir isn't a thing. yet.

*No new hair colors or styles within 2 weeks of your session. Too much risk! LOL.  



On the day of your shoot, your makeup and hair will be done in the studio. You should have your face clean and moisturized when you arrive.  Make sure to wear loose-fitting clothing or a robe while getting makeup done!  While you're getting lovely, I will take a peek at your wardrobe selections and start putting together looks and when you are primped we will start shooting!

Once the shoot begins, I will tell you exactly what I want you to do at first. We will take our time getting used to the camera and my words.  Once we are both comfortable, I would love to see some improvisation or posing of your own. Don't hold any silly things I say against me, but I love a good laughing photo. Just sayin; ;)

Within 3 days of your shoot I will email you a teaser image with a referral voucher that you can pass on to your friends if you'd like!  Within 2 weeks I will schedule your photo viewing with you so that you can see all of your proofs and order anything you'd like!  Anything ordered during your photo viewing is entitled to a special rate, so you should come prepared to place your order.  The most popular photo product is definitely the album and I believe it is the quintessential boudoir take-away.



Pinterest is amazing. Let's harness it's power to show me what you like. Create a "secret" inboard and add me! You will have to follow me before you can add me, so let me know if you need help! I want you to name it "(your name) session" and pin like crazy. Anything you see that strikes you as pretty, or your style, or that you just can't explain why but you love. Don't hold back and don't over think it. We aren't looking to recreate anything but more for a visual sense of what you like. Typically an over arching mood will appear and help us during our time shooting together.  



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Thanks so much for helping me, help you! Don't forget you can text me 304-704-6332 if you have questions or concerns!