We are so excited to announce our partnership!
We started shooting weddings together in May 2015 after meeting a conference and now we don't ever want to shoot without the other! It has been an absolute blast and also a great service to our clients to have us working as a team to provide two sets of professional eyes on the moments of the day. We cannot wait to work with clients on a more personal level and offering ourselves as two primary photographers. We believe that each of us has strong points and together we can really focus on what we are good at to bring next level creativity to what we do.

We are looking for clients who love the work and trust our process so we can really push in 2016 to create special imagery. We have shot weddings as far as Portland, Oregon and Ithaca, NY, Cancun, Mexico and are ready to visit more places!

Check out a couple of our favorite weddings we have shot together by clicking HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE =)

Tell us your story and what you are planning for your wedding and let's see if we are a match - click Contact above to fill out a form and get in touch!