Do you despise doing your own social media?

Purchase a package of posts and let us make you look more social media savvy than you are!

These are per month, so if you order 5, they will be scheduled over the course of 30 days following the order. We will first discuss your goals on social media, and then we create image driven posts, aimed at engaging or growing your audience, not just selling. As a rule of thumb, you should be sharing more than you are selling and we can help refine what that looks like for you! We can also create a promotional plan to use FB advertising to generate leads or grow your following.

We will need to take photos to create your posts so the first time we work together, a minimum of a half day shooting will be required ($599 fee)

5 posts - $150
10 posts - $250
15 posts - $300
20 posts - $350
25 posts - $410
30 posts - $450


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